142: Re: Feast of Saint Gemma

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142 - Posted by noonieoneonta- AT - cs  -- NAME: Jesse Di Cristoforo on 02/12/00 at 7:26 PM
Subject:   Re: Feast of Saint Gemma

: In the Town of Goriano in Abruzzo, every year on May 11th. and 12th., a feast was held to honor their patron Saint Gemma. It was said that St.Gemma came from the town of San Sebastian, and traveled to the town of Goriano. It is for that reason in the town of San Sebastian,in the month of May,a womans name is drawn to travel to Goriano to represent our town as the Godmother of their Patron Saint Gemma. In the year 1935 my mother was picked to be the Godmother. My mother,sister,myself and many people from our town traveled to the town of Goriano. I was then 8 years old, but I do remember that for two days we were treated like royalty. If anyone knows anything regarding this Feast I would appreciate any information they might have.

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