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Posted by piczotum- AT - virgilio  -- NAME: Nino Di Iorio on 07/07/01 at 10:21 AM
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In Reply to: Re: Pizzone posted by Brian DiCianni on 03/09/00 at 12:25 PM:

: : : My name is Brian DiCianni. My family is from a small town called Pizzone. I'm not sure which provence its in, all I know is the region of Abruzzo. I searched this site and can not find any mention of it. I would like to know if anyone has any information about this town. Grazie..

: : Brian, Pizzone is now in the Province of Isernia, region of Molise, just over the border of Abruzzi. Molise was one region with Abruzzo until the 1960's. In Pizzone there are three families with your surname now.

: Thank you for the information. How did you find the three families with my surname? Is there a web site I can use?

Mi chiamo Nino Di Iorio e sono nato a Pizzone. Conosco tutti i pizzonesi, comprese le famiglie Di Cianni vivo a circa 60 miles da Pizzone e ci vado ogni week end.
Fammi sapere il nome dei tuoi genitori e nonni.

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