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Posted by godenardo  --  NAME: george denardo on 02/19/02 at 2:07 PM
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In Reply to: Searching for Family posted by Sandra DEL VECCHIO Shafer on 04/06/00 at 9:43 PM:

:if you have a e-mail address contact me i might have information for you my father was from that area

I am looking for anyone that has any info concerning DEL VECCHIO - CARAPELLOTTI - PALOMA names I beleive they are from the following area in Abruzzo. SANT'EUFEMIA a MAIELLA in the PROVINCE OF PESCARA my Grandparents: FELIPPO & EUFEMIA(CARPELOTTI)came to the USA in Dec. 1901 Felippo was born April 8, 1884 his Father was Thomas Del Vecchio Eufemia was born April 8, 1885 her parents were PHILOMENIA(PALOMA) & OTTAVIA CARPELLOTTI on their Naturalization Papers it reads that they came from: SANTENFENNIA,MAIELKA,ITALY. Just can't find that on any map. But I have been told that they were from CHIETI,ITALY

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