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Posted by jp2- AT - n-jcenter  -- NAME: James Pantalone on 08/02/00 at 8:04 PM
Subject:   Pantalone

My name is James Pantalone. I have just started researching my family tree.
I have a Grandfather born 8/3/1893 in Vacri Chieti Italy. His name was
Donato Pantalone. He had 1 sister named Monigold. Donato's parents were
Antonio Pantalone and Lucia either Sciubba or Scuibba. Donato was
naturalized by the Supreme Court, Broome County, Binghamton, New York on May
7, 1934. He married in the U.S. and died on 11/2/1958. If there is a
relationship to your Pantalone's please e-mail me at jp2- AT - n-jcenter.com . Will
share what information I have with you. Enclosing a passport photo of Donato
and his wife Jennie Gennell.
Thank you, James Pantalone

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