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: Searching for ties to your husband's family tree (grandparents are Guiseppe Coccagna and Luigina DiRusire)from Flamignano in Teramo? Well you found one I think. In fact, I was recently in Flamignano in Feb/02 visiting relatives.

: I'm first generation Canadian. My parents immigrated to Canada in 1958. My dad was born (1922) and raised in Flamignano, one of 7 siblings. His dad was Suplizio Coccagna (married, widowed and married again)and his children were Marietta, Francesco, Pasquale, Vincenzo, Giacinto, Guglielmo, and Angolino. My dad is Guglielmo and he's in Cambridge where I live. There are cousins that live in Teramo and still have a house in Flamingnano. There are still other cousins that live in Pescara. My uncle Angolino Coccagna lives just outside of Flamingnano.

: I asked my mom and dad if they know of a Guiseppe Coccagna, but nothing came to mind. The fact is though, they would not be of the same generation. There must be a connection some how.

: I've had the opportunity to visit the area in Italy several times and it is simply beautiful.

: Anxious to hear more from you. - AT - babcock is my work e-mail and - AT - golden is my home.

: Regards, Albert

I am Barbara Coccagno, Tiffany's mother-in-law. It is my husband, Nello's, parents that we are trying to locate relatives of. HIs father Guiseppe came to the United States about 1912 and returned to Italy to fight in the Italian army in WWI. He returned to the US in 1920 and his wife, Luigina and son Franco came about 1922 or 1923. Franco was killed in WWII. The other children were born in the US. They are Armondo(1924), Mario(1926), JOsephine(1929), Orlando(1932) and Nello(1935). The only relatives that we know of were 2 cousins, Mario Menie and his sister Yolanda Tomasetti. Mario moved to France after WWII and Yolanda remained in Flamingnamo. Nello and I visited in Flamingnamo in 1973. We stayed with Yolanda and her husband. We were never told that there were other relatives there. It is a beautiful village but for some reason we weren't told anything about it. Nello's mother died in 1937 when he was 2 years old and his father didn't talk much about Italy. All of the family lives in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania. If you could provide any other information on his family we would really appreciate it.

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