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Posted by aiosue  --  NAME: Dr. Albert Michael Iosue on 12/18/02 at 11:17 PM
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In Reply to: iosue posted by jean (eosue) amuzini on 02/19/02 at 12:05 PM:

My granfather, Umberto Iosue, was from Monacilioni, Italy & came to USA in 1905. He was the son of Giovanni Iosue & Benedetta Esposito. There are over 150 Iosue families in USA, all decendents of people from Monacilioni. Umberto had 7 siblings but Michael was not one of them. They were probably cousins. I have an extensive geneology on the Iosue family which I could share with you. There is a Monacilioni website which you could communicate through. If I hear from you, I will find the address.
Albert M. Iosue

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