114: D'Onofrio,Sfirri in Schiavi D'Abruzzo

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Subject:   D'Onofrio,Sfirri in Schiavi D'Abruzzo

My name is Brian Boyer. I am presently living and working in Vienna Austria.

I was born and raised in Reading, Pa USA.
My mother Rosie (Donofrio) Boyer was born in Reading, too.
She was one of 8 - mother Angelina Donofrio.
Mary, William, Annie - father Angelo Donofrio
Lucy, Eddie, Frankie, Rosie, Josephine- father Justino Donofrio
The family emmigrated from Schiavi in the 1910's.
My grandfather Justino Donofrio (Giustino D'Onofrio)
came to the US after serving in the Italian army. He joined his brother Angelo and his wife in Pa. After his brother died, he married his wife and had 5 more children adding to the 3 Angelo had had.
The births of the family in Schiavi are as follows:
Giustino D'Onofrio 17.01.1891
Angelo D'Onofrio 1888
Angelina (probably born Vincenza and changed in the US) Safiro...( believe that this was Sfirri since that name appears on the municipal list at Schiavi at present.) 1892
She had a brother Paolo who served and died in WWI in the Italian Army.
My Grandfather, Giustino, had other sisters. We know of 1-2 cousins who were studying for the priesthood between WWI and WWII.

If anyone has any information about the existence of any living relatives it would be appreciated.

Brian Boyer

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