156: Short message about Castel Frentano USA Immigrants

Heritage Forums - March 2001

Posted by alfred.a.fini- AT - lmco  -- NAME: Alfred A Fini

03/26/01 at 3:35 PM
Subject:   Short message about Castel Frentano USA Immigrants

These people located in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia,Penna. are alive and well.About 4 to500 gathered in St Donato's Church last Saturday,March 24,2001 to attend a banquet/fund raiser.Thefood,wine,music and company was exceptional.These are largely people who emigrated from 1950 to 1975 and are much better off than the earlier folks from 1900 to1940.That earlier wave had to survivethe depression,dago descrimination and sweat shop existance.The purpose of the fund raiser was tohelp restore the Church of the Immaculate Conception in their home town.They have intentions ofmaking it an annual affair as well as resurrecting the old Philadelphia Society of Castel Frentano

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