169: Paris surname of Celano

Heritage Forums - March 2001

Posted by smcnulty- AT - earthlink  --  NAME: Sars McNulty

03/28/01 at 10:45 PM
Subject:   Paris surname of Celano

I have recorded quite a few Paris family members from Celano, related to my wife's Paris family. They were collected from the LDS microfilms of approx. 1815 to 1865.

In addition, I tried to record the details of as many surnames that were related to the Paris family by marriage, in the same series of 50 microfilms. More than 1300 people are listed. Everybody seems to be related! If you can trace your Celano ancestors back to 1865 or before, check the site, and you may find another two to four generations.

You can view them on my web site (It's free, no advertising, no SPAM):

Good hunting, and if I can be of help, send an email.

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