185: Surnames in Roccaraso

Heritage Forums - March 2001

Posted by jedmad71- AT - earthlink  --  NAME: Mary Ann D'Altorio Dailey

03/29/01 at 10:14 PM
Subject:   Surnames in Roccaraso

I am looking for information on siblings of my great grandparents: Amplito Paolo D'Altorio (born 7/1/1849 in Roccaraso) and Apunta Palma di Vitto (born 4/9/1854 in Roccaraso).

Paolo, as he was known, was the son of Emidio D'Altorio (circa 1803) and Carminella Trocchio (circa 1803 from Rivisondoli). No further information on the parents of Emidio or Carminella can be traced.

Palma di Vitto was the daughter of Donatoantonio di Vitto (born 4/26/1823 in Roccaraso) and Gelsomina Domenica Petrarca (born Mar 2, 1828 in Roccaraso....this Petrarca family was originally from Castel di Sangro until around the 1770's).

I cannot find any information concerning siblings for Paolo or Palma, which is rather unusual since most families had about 3 or more children. Any information would be appreciated.

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