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Posted by ultragirl6  --  NAME: Laura Kulsik

03/02/01 at 4:41 PM
Subject:   Casoli

Later this month, my fiance and I will be getting married in a civil ceremony in Casoli - the hometown of my maternal grandparents, carmela and Domenic Di lauro. We will be staying nearby in Fara san martino and owuld like to see as much of the area as we can. because we are both runners we will probalby get to do more exploring than most. my questiosn regarding the area are varied. Any help I can receive will be greatly apprecaited.

1. Does anyone know of a local runnng club in the area? If not, how diffiuclt is it to find running trails in the area?
We would like to run trails and would apprecaite

2. Is there a high school in Casoli? If so, is ther a track or cross-country team. My fiance and I would like to donate some brand new running shoes to the kids who run.

3. Best hotel in the area?

4. What is the best Casoli restaurant to eat dinner at in Casoli? I have found four on their website and additional half dozen or so in the phone book. We are looking for a place to take our wedding party that is not too expensive but quaint and charming with icredible local food. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help!

Laura Kulsik
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