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Posted by info- AT - abruzzo2000  -- NAME: abruzzo2000 on 07/03/01 at 8:55 AM
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In Reply to: what does it mean please! posted by Terry on 06/24/01 at 9:24 PM:

: Does anyone out there know what the name Pelino is translated into english is? This was my greatgrand-
: father's given name. Pelino Fallavollita from Pentima.
: Any help I would greatly appreciate.

: Terry Baisden

Actually, though in modern Italian "pelino" means a small hair, and comes from the Latin "pilum", the root of the word Pelino as it appears in Abruzzo go back before Roman times, from Jupiter palenus, worshipped on the mountain later called Majella. the name remained almost unchanged in the little town of "Palena". With a phonetic transformation the word Palenus shifted to pelinus. And that also became the name of the population of the area, the Peligni, and a first name very popular also thanks to the cult of a San Pelino.

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