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Posted by rv956  --  NAME: Bob V. on 06/01/01 at 7:12 AM
Subject:   Vassalotti family in Riccia

I'm looking for information on the Vassalotti family from Riccia. I have two branches in my family.
My Great Grandfathers name was Orazio Vassalotti born 9/15/1861. Came to America in 1888. His Fathers name was either Pasquale Nicola
or Nicola Pasquale, mothers name was Paola Giovanna Mascia.

My other great grandfathers name was Pasquale Vassalotti, born around 1875-1876 in Riccia. He had at least
one sister Carmella who married Salvatore Lombardi and moved to America. Pasquale married
Concetta (dont know maiden name). Pasquales fathers name was Giuseppe. They had two sons,
Giuseppe and Donato. Donato stayed in Riccia and died several years ago. They had several daughters
Carmella born July 15, 1902(My Grandmother), Lucia, Maria, Anna, and Josephine who apparantly
all stayed in Italy. Pasquale came to america several times, but died in Italy sometime
after January 1952, cause he was listed as a survivor on my grandmother Carmella's obituary.

Carmella (my Grandmother) married Michael Vassalotti, who was the son of Orazio Vassalotti.

Trying to find any additional information..

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