68: Grande, Tantalo, Lippa

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Posted by Pacheco229- AT - cs  -- NAME: Sharon Pacheco on 06/13/01 at 5:21 PM
Subject:   Grande, Tantalo, Lippa

My grandparents came from Villavallelonga. Cesidio Grande and Costanza (Tantalo) Grande. Cesidio came to America on 09 August 1909 and settled in Rochester, New York, where his older brother had settled after he came from Villavallelonga. Cesidio sent for Costanza and their two daughters and they came over on 09 October 1911. My mother, Mary Grande, is one of their 10 children, 4 of whom are still alive. My mom says she has cousins with the last names of Tantalo and Lippa. Since she is 86 years old, she cannot remember alot of family details. I have found the passenger list on the Ellis Island web site for Cesidio, Costanza and their two daughters - Maria and Liberata. The other 8 children were all born in Rochester, New York. I am trying to trace Cesidio's and Costanza's parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, etc. My mom remembers having relatives and cousins in Canada (she thinks Ontario). Please e-mail me if anyone recognizes any names, or can be of any help. Thanks, God Bless and Ciao!!

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