78: Fabrizi Family - Collarmele

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Posted by mackny4- AT - cs  -- NAME: Bill MacKendrick, Grand Island, New York USA on 03/14/02 at 10:33 PM
Subject:   Fabrizi Family - Collarmele

On October 26, 2001, I mailed a package to the town hall in Collarmele, Aquila, Italy concerning birth and death certificates for my relatives, Albert Fabrizi and his family. To date I have not received any documents or any response. The bank check has not been cashed. I don't know if the package was ever received at the town hall, if there is a large backlog, or if the bank check was made out wrong. Quite possibly the amount of the check may not be enough to cover the documents, but at least some documents should be sent. I offered to send additional money if the original check was not sufficient.

My uncle David Fabrizio in Niagara Falls is in contact with Giovanni and Vitale Fabrizi, however he uses the regular mail which takes about a month to arrive. Giovanni and Vitale and Maria may be traveling to see us in August 2002.

Is there anyone in Collarmele that may be able to help me?

I also have many questions about the Town of Collarmele such as the earthquake in Jan 1915, Spanish Influenza in 1918, hordes of locusts in 1918 and any other items of interest! I would be very happy to reciprocate in any way possible!

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