88: Dangelo Tenaglia

Heritage Forums - March 2002

Posted by marcelafer  --  NAME: Marcela Ferrari on 03/17/02 at 9:23 PM
Subject:   Dangelo Tenaglia

My name is Marcela Ferrari, Iam from Argentina and I am finding information about my ancestors. My great grandmother's name is Rosa D'angelo and my great grandfather's name is Rocco Tenaglia (here in Argentina written as Roque) Rocco was born is Orsogna on April 9th 1888 and Rosa the 28th of April of 1897. They came to Argentina when they were very young and got married here. They had 9 children (one of them is my grandmother). Rocco was the son of Basilinda Damiani and Salvatore Tenaglia and Rosa the daughter of Juan D'angelo and Filomena D'Virgilio.
If you want to exchange information , write to me, I'll be very happy to be in touch.(Perhaps we are relatives)

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