Cavalcante, Scavetta and Cerabona Families in Accetura

Posted by Robert Cavalcante on 01/04/03 at 12:14 PM

Subject:   Cavalcante, Scavetta and Cerabona Families in Accetura

Buon Giorno!

My name is Robert Cavalcante Jr, and I'm researching my famiy heritage from the city of Accetura.

Both my paternal grandparents lived there and didn't meet until after immigrating to America and met in New York City.

My Grandfather was Vincenzo Cavalcante and my grandmother was Angelina Maria Scavetta. Her mother was Rosa Cerabone and I believe we still have living family in Accetura. My Grandfather immigrated to America sometime before 1917 and joined the U.S. Navy and fought in World War I.

My great grandmother Rosa Scavetta/Cerabona left Napoli, Italy with her daughters on the S.S. Regina D' Italia on 20 Dec 1920 and arrived at Ellis Island in January 1921. They settled in New Jersey.

Here's my family tree as I know it;

Giuseppe Cerabona + ??? =
Angelina Cerabona
Maria Cerabona
Margaret Cerabona
Rosa Cerabona (b 1888) + Michael Scavetta (b1885)=
Beatrice Scavetta
Philomena Scavetta
(1)Angelina Scavetta (b1910)

Andrew Cavalcante + Carmella ??? =
Minerva Cavalcante
Dora Cavalcante
Patricia Cavalcante
Henry Cavalcante
Giuseppe Cavalcante

(2)Vincenzo Cavalcante (b1899)
(1)Agelina Scavetta + (2)Vincenzo Cavalcante =
James Cavalcante
Robert Cavalcante + Jane Kiefaber =
Robert Cavalcante Jr. (Me)

I hope to hear from you. Any help would most appreciated!

Mille Grazie!

Roberto Cavalcante Jr.

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