Nicola D'Amato

Posted by Palma on 05/25/03 at 4:05 PM

Subject:   Nicola D'Amato

Nicola is my fraternal grandfather. Born in Colobrara Dec. 8, 1878. He immigrated to USA in 1902. He died much to young at age 60, year 1939, Youngstown, Ohio. Parents names UNknown - I'm hoping to find out so I can try to get his birth certificate. He may have one brother who did not immigrate to USA. The town or villiage was given to me by my cousin Enzo. Anyone have any connection or relation to D'Amato family. Who to contact to search for a birth certificate. I went to the white pages. Just out of curiosity, I looked for Damato [ie without the apostrophe and the capital A] and there were 8 more Damato( I noticed this is how Nicola signed his naturalization papers- which I have). The BD I got from his 1934 naturalization papers, which also state he was born at Rotondella, prov.Potenza, Italy ( NOT Colobraro)??? I'm so excited that I MIGHT get his birth certif and his parents names. Nicola also had a relative in Italy that was a sister/nun in the Catholic faith - Sr.Rosemary Monk or Rosemary Monk was her given name. My My 90 yr old Dad told me he had a Sister/Catholic nun in Italy who is his relative. Dad has a very old photo of her. :-) Palma

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