Missing 2 family members from Oliveto Lucano

Posted by Patricia on 06/20/03 at 7:51 PM

Subject:   Missing 2 family members from Oliveto Lucano

Has anyone ever heard of the first name Rubina......I have never seen it anyplace except for my grandmothers sister.

They are part of the Galasso family steming from Oliveto Lucano to Philadelphia.

When my grandmother(Carmela Galasso), her sister and their mother (Anna G Laraia or Daraia) came over via Ellis Island, on the manifest are listed 2 sons that they were meeting. They would have been in Philadephia and also from Oliveto Lucano (mis-spelled as Sucano!). The last name again is Galasso. No one seemed to know of them, but they are mentioned on the manifest. It is the Carmela who came to Ellis from Oliveto Lucano in 1899 at the age of 23. She is listed with her mom and a sister. On the original manifest, they are meeting another sister Rubina and 2 other children. We've curious cause we never knew of any other children but the three girls. Now there seems to be possibly 2 other children. They all settled in the Phila and then South Jersey.

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