Aulisi - Franceschini - Angelillo

Posted by Eric Braun on 05/23/03 at 10:20 AM

Subject:   Aulisi - Franceschini - Angelillo

I am looking for information about my grandmother's side of the family.
Her maiden name was Maria Rosa Aulisi, born 1885 in Rapone.

Her mother was Gaetana Franceschini. It appears that the Franceschini's were new to Rapone. I'm not sure where they came from.

Her father was Aniello Aulisi. It appears that many Aulisi's lived in Calitri, nearby in Campania. Someone told me the Aulisi's may have come from Bagnoli.

I beleive my grandmother's aunt (a Franceschini) may have married an Angelillo.
She had 2 brothers: Gennaro and Pietro. All 3 siblings emigrated to thge USA in the early 1900's.

If you have any more info, I would love to hear about it.

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