Pisticci ancestors: BORRINO and LAVIOLA

Posted by Kelly Corsetti on 02/08/03 at 11:02 PM

Subject:   Pisticci ancestors: BORRINO and LAVIOLA

My great grandparents, Michele BORRINO and his wife Rosalia LAVIOLA, came to the U.S. from Pisticci, Matera, Basilicata in 1906/1912, settling in the Rochester, New York area.

If anyone can give me any information on either of these surnames and/or the town of Pisticci I would appreciate it. I have done some cursory checks (Italian white pages) and determined that there are people currently living in Pisticci with these surnames. I would like to visit the area but cannot find any info on Pisticci at all.

Thanks for any help.

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