Chiarito Family of Ginestra

Posted by Mark Alexander on 08/27/03 at 12:33 AM

Subject:   Chiarito Family of Ginestra

I am looking for relatives of my late grandfather and grandmother - Raffaele Chiarito (born approx 1893) and Caterina Gimabersio Chiarito. They were from Ginestra. My grandfather came to US in 1920. I believe my grandmother and her daughter - Vera (my Aunt) lived on Mazini Street after my grandfather had first come to America. They first came to New York and later settled in Torrington, Connecticut.

They had three children: Rose (my mother), Vera (mentioned above), and Dannato.

My grandfathers brother was Teodoro Chiarito and he came to America first a years earlier.

I will be traveling to Italy this coming weekend (30 August- 2 September 2003) and may be interested in driving to Ginestra if I can find some English speaking relatives or assistance.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I invite any relatives to contact me.

Thank you,
Mark Alexander

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