Cuccarese and Fucci Families of Noepoli, Basilicata

Posted by Bruce Morrison on 12/02/03 at 8:06 PM

Subject:   Cuccarese and Fucci Families of Noepoli, Basilicata

I am searching for information on the small village of Noepoli located just southeast of Senise and of my wife's grandparents who came to the US in the early1900's from there.

The grandmother's name was Rosaria Cuccarese who married a Rosario Fuccie. Two of the children born in Noepoli were:

Isabella Fucci born August 21, 1903;
Grazia (Grace) Fucci born November 29, 1900 or 1901.

The husband came to America first, and the wife and 2 children followed in 1905.

Any information on this community or this family would be greatly appreciated.



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