Toscano & Rocco Family from Grumento Nova

Posted by Beverly Marcelo on 04/12/03 at 9:42 PM

Subject:   Toscano & Rocco Family from Grumento Nova

Need information on Luigi P. Toscano. He came to USA just before WW1 and served in US Army WW1 His wife Maria Rocco came here with her father, Raphael/Rafael Rocco, mother Caterina Fiorentina, a half brother Antone/Tony, a sister Anne & a brother Nickolas/Nick.
Both families settled in Los Banos, CA in Merced, County.
Would like to obtain birth/Baptism/marriage certificates. Also, any information on Luigi's parents & sibblings. He said his youngest brother moved to South America. I cannot remember his name. Luigi was next to the youngest of his family. He talked about his mother and grandmother. One story he would tell was that a brother and a sister both died one night.
If you have any information that would help me please email me at

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