Gregorio Grippo from Castelmezzano

Posted by Michael Maddi on 11/28/02 at 2:28 PM

Subject:   Gregorio Grippo from Castelmezzano

My grandfather, Gregorio Grippo, was the father of my mother, Josephine Grippo, and he had four other daughters in Jersey City, NJ. His wife was Raffaela Colaninno. I have had no success in tracing him or his wife back to Italy. In fact, I have not even been able to find him in the indexes for the 1920 or 1930 censuses in New Jersey. I know from my mother's birth certificate that she was born in Jersey City in 1917, so I assume they were living in New Jersey from at least that point on.

Here is all I do know about Gregorio Grippo. According to my mother's birth certificate, he was 45 when she was born in 1917. According to the records of Holy Name Cemetery in Jersey City, he was buried there on Sept. 2, 1943 and was 70 years old at the time of his death. All this I know for sure.

The other bit of information I have is finding a Gregorio Grippo from Castelmezzano on the Ellis Island website. He entered the US on the Spartan Prince from Naples on Jan. 24, 1901. The ship list has his age as 27, which would make his age about right to be my grandfather. The ship list also states he was married, but I don't find my grandmother on the list.

Any help in tracking this down further, both in the US and Italy, would be greatly appreciated.

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