FREE!!!! BeginIT:Lessons in Elementary Italian

Posted by Michael Zompa on August 20, 2007 at 17:48:27:



Registration will take place between August 7th and August 25th.

BeginIT is a mailing list whose purpose is to teach the Italian
language on an elementary level to English speakers with no
background in the Italian language. First year level skills
in reading and writing Italian are taught through vocabulary,
grammar and exercises to help advance one's skills. Although
intended to help family historians with reading Italian records,
etc., lessons are not limited to research. Questions about grammar,
posted to the list, are always welcome.

An experienced approach to family history is provided.

I am particularly looking for those interested in keeping up with
the lessons and participating but all are welcome to join. Newcomers
with some Italian language experience shall be placed in an
experienced group which shall be determined.

An invitation to join will be issued as a result of your sending
a message to:

Those interested in the SURNAME DATABASE and/or Italian
FAMILY HISTORY/CULTURE/HISTORY enrichment, are also welcome.

la madrina

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