Blasi and Votta Families

Posted by Robert Sanders on December 27, 2009 at 15:22:10:

My 2nd great grandparents were born in Paterno di
Lucania and Marsico Nuovo, Potenza, Italy. Michele
Blasi (born on 7 September 1850 in Paterno di Lucania)
was married to Rosaria Votta (born 1855 in Marsico
Nuovo). They had five children: Carmela Blasi (1880),
Maria Antonia Blasi (1883), Gianuario Blasi (or John
Blasi) (1892), Angelo Blasi (1897), and Raffaele Blasi

I have some documents on this family but I would like
to know more about Michele Blasi's and Rosaria Votta's
parents and what came of their children.

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