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Posted by DiRisio on 07/24/03 at 1:56 PM

Subject:   Re: looking for relatives

In Reply to: Re: looking for relatives posted by Carl M. De Riseis on 07/24/03 at 9:10 AM:

Wow it is amazing how many DiRisio's there are.
A couple of years ago I met a distant cousin who found us by our internet address. Albert DiRisio put together a family tree dating back to the 1820's,
but you have gone even further back.
We live just outside of Tampa, so we are not too far from you.
I would like to see your family tree..possibly we could get the family together, maybe If David's mom is back from Fairpory NY.. I can get her up here too she lives in Hollywood, Fla..
drop me a line,

Mary & David

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