Famiglia di Urbano Di Rado

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Posted by Norberto Di Rado on 01/23/04 at 11:17 PM

Subject:   Famiglia di Urbano Di Rado

I am looking for any info regarding the Urbano Di Rado family from Filetto.

My great grandfather was Antonio Di Rado and his wife was Maria Nunzia Di Tulio.
They had nine children ( Vincenzo, Urbano, Giustino, Antonio, Constantino, Concettina, Valeriana, Constanza and Rosina ), the first three women were nuns.
My grandfather Urbano Di Rado was born in 1893 and left Italy to go to Argentina at age of 14 and married Elena Soggetti.
He became into the wool and leather business at the city of Tres Arroyos.

PLease, any information would be greatly appreciatted.

Norberto Di Rado

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