Del Duca questions

Posted by Katalinic Davor on May 22, 2008 at 19:01:55:

Hello All

My name is Davor Katalinic. I have done genetic test and find out that I am realy good connected to family name Del Duca. I have receive an e-mail from one lady Nancy Fiore witch explained to me that we are genetically related by
Y-DNA. She also helped me with findings of whole Del Duca family line witch is posted on this forum. I was thinking and concluded next. Del Duca Brigitta witch is born 2.Nov.1705 was not married and we (almost all) carry Y-genes from the man with witch she had children (one of her children was Del Duca Angelo Pietro Giuseppe b.26.July 1742). What I am interested in is who was the brother or brothers of Del Duca Angelo Pietro Giuseppe and brother or brothers of Del Duca Ferdinando Fiore because I think I am that branch of one of (or Del Duca Angelo Pietro Giuseppe's or Del Duca Ferdinando Fiore's) brothers.

Thank You very much if You have any informations about this

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