Searching for DiPrinzio and DiGiulio

Posted by Tiffany Swords on June 27, 2008 at 18:01:33:

I am doing some genealogy research, and I am looking for connections to my Grandparents Parents. The names and locations I am trying to research are the following:

Andrea DiPrinzio of Guardiagrele, Chieti, Italy born in 1895
(father M. DiPrinzio of Guardiagrele)
(came to America on March 1, 1912)

Antonetti Rinier of Pennsylvania born May 14, 1900
(parents both born in Italy, probably Chieti)

Domenico DiGiulio of Castel Frentano, Italy born 31 Dec 1883 or 1 Jan 1882

Rose Scaglione of Castel Frentano, Chieti, Italy born December 28, 1891
(2 of her children may have been born in Italy before coming to America)
(Phylomena DiGiulio and Vincenzo (James) DiGiulio)

Thank you!

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