de Stephanis in Lanciano

Posted by Renaud de Stephanis on December 28, 2008 at 23:27:04:


I am trying to find de Stephanis in Lanciano.

What I know about my grand father is that he came from Lanciano to Paris in the 1920s, and his name was "Jaques". He probably changed it from an italian one (he enrolled the "Legion Etrangere", where you can change your name. He had 2 suns, with Germain Dijon, in Paris, my father Gerard (born in 1933) and Albert. He had after another sun (a girl whose name I don't now), and a sun, called Cesar, born in Indochina). In his family there is almost a Giuseppe and Ciro, that were maybe his brothers, or the cousins of my father.

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