Posted by Juan Mascioli on July 31, 2014 at 05:46:47:

My name is Juan Mascioli. I'm
looking for information about my
relatives in Italy. My great-
grandfather name was Michelangelo
Mascioli (b. in Carunchio in
1863)and his wife name was María
Serafini (b. in Carunchio in 1863).
They both came to Argentina in
1887. Their children were born in
Argentina (Tres Arroyos city,
province of Buenos Aires,
Argentina. One of them was my
grandfather named Nicolás (died in
1982). Michelangelo died in
Argentina in 1946 and his wife in
1944. The name of Michelangelo's
father was Vincenzo Mascioli
(Rapino, 1827) and his father name
was Adamo (Rapino, 1802). Adamo's
father was named Lorenzo Mascioli.
Michelangelo (my great-grandfather)
had 6 brothers (Nicolantonio,
Giuseppe, Mariantonia, Giustina
Rosa, Rosa y María Vincenza). His
mother name was Maddelena
Caracciolo, daughter of
Nicolantonio Caracciolo and
Giustina Iaruzzi. Vincenzo, my
great-grandfather father had two
brothers (Lorenzo and Rinaldo who
died in USA). I want to find
relatives or people who can help me
to rebuild my family story. Thanks
a lot.

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