Looking for info on Alessandro Carmen Costanzo

Posted by alison costanzo on May 06, 2010 at 02:57:03:

My search started when my father died in September he was only 46 years old. Over the last few months my sister and I wanted to find out more information about his side of our family. We talked to our Aunt but her memory isn't the clearest but we found out a few things. My Grandfather Alessandro a(Carmen?) Costanzo was born in Corfinio, Italy according to my Dads birth certificate and was born August 27, 1914. His marriage to my Grandmother Giacolina (she went by "Jacqueline" )Roberto born May 8, 1922 in Chicago. The marriage was arranged between my Grandfathers Uncle and Aunt who immigrated to Chicago and met my Grandmothers parents. According to my Aunt they couldn't marry in Italy so they left went to Canada, got married and my Grandfather had to stay while they waited for his papers to clear. This is all I know about my Grandfather and its going to take weeks for me to get his SS application to see if he listed his parents. I would welcome any help thank you.

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