Lucia Pettorelli

Posted by sylvia hodgson on September 10, 2011 at 22:59:02:

My grandfather Charles (Carlo) Pettorelli was born on 21st June 1894 in Glasgow. His mother Lucia Pettorelli was single but I can find no further record of her in scotland. Carlo must have stayed as he got married in scotland in 1929 when it was stated that Lucia was deceased. I can only find one Lucia Pettorelli in the records and she was born in Fagnano Alto, L'Aquila in 1876, there is also a record of her marriage to Antonio Tomassi in Fagnano on 13th January 1906 which would make her 30 but there are no children listed and there is no record of her death. Could this be the same person who might have come to scotland in the early 1890's, had a child then returned to Italy without the baby and then got married. I would love to know as it would complete my family tree. I hope someone might be able to help me find some records of her travel to scotland. Thanks

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