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Posted by John Talieri on June 14, 2012 at 16:11:42:

Until a few weeks ago the l'Aquila records for 1809-1865 were available online at familysearch... Have been very happy with the available/access of records on family search...

Apparently, the records are now restricted to the centers only and not online. This is not a familysearch issue, but an Italian archives/Italian government restriction as the record owners??... Does anyone know where the issue can be raised and hopefully resolved so we can get access to the records online again? Thanks!

See below...
We are very sorry for the inconvience on this restriction. It is based upon the agreement we have with the provider of the original documents.

It is only recently that our software was able to reach a point where this restriction could enforced. The collections restrictions state that online the film can only be viewed at one of our family history centers.

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