Francesca Giannamore... Where are you?!

Posted by Denise Sarigianopoulos on November 10, 2012 at 22:07:24:

I have been searching and searching for my great grandparents in Pettorano sul gizio everywhere! I have contacted the LDS church, searched on various websites, and even called the Pettorano townhall. The lady at the townhall said we could find everything online and refused to look. Since the records I am looking for are after 1865, there are no records online. I even have friends helping me research.

My great grandparents names are Francesco Fronsaglia and Francesca Giannamore. I have nothing on her except for her name. I do have a ship's manifest and birth record on him.

He came here for my great uncle's wedding and had to sign a permission slip for him to be married. On that slip, he listed Francesca Giannamore as my great uncle's mother. Evidently, Francesca didn't accompany him to the states. On the birth record, he was born 9 March 1852 in Pettorano sul gizio. I've attached the records I have.

My grandmother, Benigna Fronsaglia, was born 5 July 1880 or 1881, depending on which record you find. Her name may have been Maria Benigna or Benigna Maria. I think her grandmother was Maria Benigna Berarducci (not sure if this is her grandmother). I don't have a birth record on my grandmother. My great uncle Salvatore was born on 10 April 1887. All were in Pettorano sul gizio, L'Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy.

We have potential cousins who are also trying to determine if we are related, but it all depends on Francesca. I really need my great grandparents' marriage records. My grandmother's and great uncle's birth records would be a great bonus.

Can anyone help me?

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