Gualtieri Family

Posted by Stephen Bell on January 02, 2017 at 20:19:36:

I am doing family research that has brought me to Pratola Peligna and
the Gualtieri Family. The names and dates I have are as follows;

Rosa Gualtieri n: 1824
sposato: Domenico A. G. D'Angelo n: 1822

Angel Antonio Gualtieri n: 1786 m: 1831
sposata: Maria Vincenzan Petrella n: 1792 m: 1830

Giuseppe Gualtieri n: ? m: 1795
sposata: Rosalie C. DiLoreto n: 1762 m: ?

Benedetto Gualtieri
sposata: Felicia P. Notarandrrea

Any help with dates, additional names and information would be very
helpful! Thank you - Stephen Bell

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