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Posted by Joe d'Annunzio on 08/20/03 at 4:30 PM

Subject:   Re: d'Annunzio families in Villa Latina

In Reply to: Re: d'Annunzio families in Villa Latina posted by d'Annunzio on 08/20/03 at 10:52 AM

I've been to Atina, obtained all the addresses/tels but I had a problem finding some information when I was there. Another Trip would be at least several years away. I've also searched through all relevant Mormon files without a lead.

In the meantime I was hoping to contact someone through e-mail in one of the towns who might know the family. As for the tavern, there are several Taverns/Inns/Cafes in Atina but I couldn't determine which it might have been, even with the help of the Museum curator.

Thanks again


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