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Posted by lorena on 08/27/03 at 1:56 AM

Subject:   Re: piselli family- settefrati

In Reply to: Re: piselli family- settefrati posted by Carla Cugini on 08/26/03 at 1:43 PM:

dear carla- i always knew my grandma lucia cugini was born in san donato ....i have her birth certificate ..her father was cesidio cugini..cesidio never left san donato ..he married donata tempesta......i am cesidio's great -granddaughter..i am very happy to meet you...(does the name donata tempesta mean anything?)...lucia cugini married vincenzo piselli..thank you so much for your response ..i want very much to go to the villiage...please feel free to write ..i enjoy very much to hear from you - kindest regards....lorena

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