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Posted by Joe Vendetti on 09/14/03 at 1:18 PM

Subject:   Vendetti or Venditti

My great grandfather Luigi Vendetti came to the USA on the Antonio Lopez out of Naples. He has his home town listed as Isola Del Liri. He arrived in the USA when he was 31 in 1906 making his D.O.B -1875. My Great Grandmather was Speranza Coletti who was 29 in 1907 making her D.O.B-1888. My Great uncle Vincenzo Venditti was only 2 when he arrived in the USA in 1907 so he was born in 1905 somewhere in Isola Del Liri.
I am looking for any relatives in Italy. I want to make the trip over in April of this year.

Please contact me at

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