Posted by Alyce Duarte on March 22, 2005 at 02:46:28:

My grandfater Antonio D'Amario (Civitaquana 4/24/1885) married Mariannina Campana (Civitaquana 7/4/1887).
Antonio's parents were Franco D'Amario and Elizabeth DiGiovanni. I am trying to find out if they had other children and what their names were.
Mariannina's parents were Epifanio Campana and Maria Grazia Caroso. I know their was one other sibling, Angelino Campana (Civitaquana 1890) and would like to know if their were more.
Antonio had five brothers (Vincenzo, Pietro, Teto, Assunto, and Camillo). All six of the D'Amario boys immigrated to the U.S in the early 1900's arriving at the Port of Boston.
Elizabeth DiGiovanni immigrated to the U.S. in 1926 after her husband Franco died.
Any info on these families greatly appreciated!


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