Rita Radocchia

Posted by Riccardo Radocchia on February 10, 2006 at 22:19:25:

Hello Rita,my name is Riccardo Radocchia.Are you a relative?Your curiosity has stimulated mine.I am in Canada,toronto area,came here in 1958.My mother is from Corvara,and my father from Pietranico,Just outside Pescara.thier names are Domenica,and Fileno Radocchia.Our granddad was a "cowboy" in the conneticut area of the U.S.A,my brother tells me,(going way back,17th cantury,we imigated to Spain and were proficient shipbilders).You'll find it interesting to note that there are a few old graves again in the conneticut area.I'm thinking of going for a drive down there to have a peek.Love to here from you.There is more to tell but i'm running late.Chow!

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