DiPietrantonio (Lu Lette to Concord to Portland)

Posted by Joe DiPietro on March 08, 2006 at 21:33:33:

My great-grandfather, Carlo DI PIETRANTONIO, was born in Lettomanoppello in 1863. Their son Giuseppe DI PIETRANTONIO was born in Lettomanoppello in 1892 and was a stonecutter. He came to the U.S., to Concord, NH, in the early 1900s and he married a Foley, and they had the following children: Steve, Mary, Carl, Edward and Joseph. The family name was shortened to DI PIETRO. The family moved to Portland, Maine, except for Steve, who stayed in Concord. Joseph DI PIETRO was my father. He was born in 1935 and as a child he performed on a country music radio show in Portland Maine--the Tony & Juanita show--in the early 1940s.
My grandfather Giuseppe DI PIETRANTONIO had a sister, Cinderrella, who married a FERRANTE. Rudy Ferrante is her son and still lives in Maine. Giuseppe DiPietrantonio also had another sister, Maria. She married Joe Aceto and moved to Las Vegas. My dad also had another aunt who married a Terroni. I have many notes of my family background which includes other names such as Addario and D'Alfonso in my homepage. If anybody has any information on this family please contact me.


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