DeNovellis,Brandolino,Colonna in Chieti, Caramanico

Posted by Mary DeNewellis on December 14, 2006 at 02:23:03:

I am searching for info on my grandfather, Pietro (Petrum, Peter) Denovellis nato in Caramanico, Chieti, on 29 June 1889. Son of Roberto DeNovellis y Conceptae Scarpelli ( Conchetta Scalfella ??) He emmigrated to Brazil in 1893 then back to Italy. In 1910? he emmigrated to Joliet (Joliett) Illinois, U.S.A. where he married Felicita Brandolino on 29 June,1913. Felicita is the daughter of Mariae Joannae Colonna, nata in Caramanico, Chieti 23 December 1892.
Felicita emmigrated to Joliet, Il. U.S.A. in April 1913 sboard the ship Canopic, Naples - Boston. She arrived with her brother Donato Brandolino y Dominico Egizio who married Ciel Caruso in Joliet.
Pietro had a brother, Edouardo ( Odoardo ) nato in 1888 in Caramanico.
I seek any info on these family members, if you know how to obtain birth certificates please let me know !! The Stato Cival I am not sure where to write since Caramanico, Chieti was once Chieti Region and is now Pescara ? If anyone may have info or may be or knows of relatives I would appreciate any info. Thank You !!

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