Posted by Eva Della Pello on September 17, 2008 at 19:40:20:

My Grandfather and Grandmother were born in penne. My Grandfathers last name was Della Pelle. Here in American my father spelled it Della Pello. My father mother my grandmother was also born in penne. Her last name was Orsini. Eva Orsini. I was named after my Grandmother and my name is Eva Della Pello. I am 48 years old and hope that some of my fathers and grandparents relatives still live in Penne. When I was 16 I visited Penne with my mother. I still have pictures of the town and my relatives enjoying a meal. i often think about visiting my ancesters home town. if anyone knows of any relations with the last name Della Pello or Pelle, or Orsini please email.
thank you.

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