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Posted by Bill Tianello on July 12, 2009 at 04:05:03:

Patti Dooms, Maria-Luisa Cima, KarenTitman, Joanne and Robert Pasqualone,

My name is Bill Tianello, and I'm writing to you about some old postings of yours on an Abruzzo website, that I've enclosed below. My cousin Joyce Tianello found one and emailed it to me, so I followed up.

Carlo Pasqualone (born 1886) was one of a few Pasqualones that migrated from Collecorvino, Pescara, to the Northeast Ohio Northwest Pennsylvania area. He married Colorinda De Felicibus (born 1891), my grandmothers sister, also from Collecorvino.

Not sure how many kids he had, but the two that I remember are Ernie and Guido. As far as I know, Guido is still alive, as is his cousin Albert Tianello. Both are in their mid-90's. Another cousin, my father William Tianello is deceased.

If any of you can count Carlo, Ernie or Guido in your ancestry, we are distantly related, at least through the bloodline of Sabatino De Felicibus and Maria-Loreto Travaglini in Collecorvino. Another name added is Giovanni Agresta, who married another of my grandmothers sisters in 1912, at Geneva, Ohio.

I've spent decades researching my ancestry and came across documents for these folks in the process. If you're interested, or can add to my information, feel free to contact me at billtianello - AT -

Bill Tianello

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