Di Vincenzo Costantini

Posted by Natalia on July 21, 2009 at 22:57:49:

I'm searching for relatives for my greatgrandmother María Antonia Di Vincenzo born in Italy the 11/01/1885 in some part of Abruzzo. She was dougther of Francesco Di Vincenzo and Filomena Costantini, also has two sisters (that i'm aware of) Teresa and Anna Di Vincenzo.
The mother and the 3 sisters arrived to Sao Pablo Brasil the 27/08/1901. My greatgrandmother married Giuseppe Tamasco and has her first two dougthers in brasil and then she came to Argentina where she has the rest of her children including my grandfather Jose Tamasco. She died in Buenos Aires the 01/05/1952.

I know that the surname has sufred changes so i'm not sure if it was Di Vincenzo, Divincenzo, Devincenzo or De Vincenzo, sames happend to Costantini, Constantini or Costantino.

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