Conte in San Tommaso

Posted by Dino Conte on July 11, 2011 at 12:32:26:

Giovanni Conte (1870-1955) married Maria Carmine De Ingeniis & had 9 children in San Tommaso, Caramanico Terme Pescara, Abruzzo. Their children Giacinto, Raffaele, Donato, Luigi, Anna & Lucia went to the USA; while Carmella & Maria stayed in Italy & my Grandfather Antonio Conte (Born 5 August 1905) married Maria De Tommasis and lived in San Tommaso. They had 4 children; Elvira, Lina, Ennio(my father) & Ada. After WWII Antonio went on the ship "CIRENIO" & landed in Melbourne, Australia on 22 October 1948. Giovanni Conte had a sister called Annunziata; however I hope to hear from anyone who may know more about him or anyone in the Conte, De Ingeniis & De Tommasis families from the San Tommaso, Caramanico Terme Pescara, Abruzzo Region.

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