Looking for DeLuca and D'Orazzio Family

Posted by Robin DeLuca Jones on May 29, 2013 at 21:31:43:

I am getting ready to take a trip next summer to Italy and would love to go to Pietranico Pescara Abruzzo Italy and see the place where my father (Orlando DeLuca) was born. I know awhile back some relatives went to Italy (could have been a long while ago, lol) and said family members still lived in the house. I am having trouble finding DeLuca's and was always told that DeLuca's in Italy are like Jones' here in the states. My grandfather was Guiseppe DeLuca and my grandmother was Filomena D'Orazzio DeLuca. I know my Dad came in at Ellis Island around 1936. They settled in Bridgeport, CT. My Dad just turned 86 yesterday. Any help finding relatives would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!

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